Why do the results take so long to appear on me?

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You finally decided to settle for sedentary life and enrolled in the gym, but have you had a few days of total dedication and a lot of sweat and none of the results show up? Calm! You are on the right track, you just need to have the persistence and dedication that the results will appear, plus a little help from experts such as a nutritionist and a personal trainer can help speed this process.

Understanding why some people perform faster than others requires understanding some important processes for lean mass gain and fat loss. The first factor is the genetic one. Each person has a characteristic and biological individualities that directly influence the search for their ideal body.

In this sense, consulting a physician, nutritionist or nutritionist, besides having the help of a professional of physical education, is fundamental for those who want to achieve more expressive results in bodybuilding. These professionals have the role of identifying their biological characteristics and adapting workouts and an ideal meal that helps achieve the expected goals.

That is, one of the reasons why you are not yet seeing the results of your efforts is because you are not working the way that suits your biotype. Here are some key attitudes for those who want to speed up the process of mass gain or weight loss.

Man in parallel bar

Muscles need to be routinely and daily stimulated to grow. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on your goal and respect the training routine indicated by the physical education professional. Some exercises may seem more boring than others, but they are not on your list for nothing.

If necessary, ask your personal or teacher about the importance of each activity given to you. Understanding which exercise functions will make you feel more motivated and not be tempted to skip one activity or another.

Man with huge breastplate

It’s okay if you can’t afford a personal trainer to keep up with you and change your workouts constantly, but that’s no excuse to settle down. Every academy has teachers to help and assist students, so do not hesitate to ask and ask for training change whenever necessary.

In addition to identifying the type of training that works best for your body type, your teacher will indicate new workouts with more load and fewer repetitions, for example, whenever you notice that your body has become accustomed to one. old. Usually, change of training is indicated at least every two months. This is because the muscles get used to a certain stimulus and stop growing, needing new exercises to be stimulated again.

Muscular and defined man

No doing the reps quickly and running away. It’s no use going to the gym every day without having the dedication and desire to train. Remember that tapping the gym does not guarantee your weight loss, nor the achievement by defined and larger muscles.

Each exercise is intended to work a particular muscle or muscle group, but needs to be performed correctly to work. So if your coach says that the reps need to be done slowly, do it slowly. If he says make short, quick moves, do it.

It is worth the tip to ask the reasons for performing the movements slowly or quickly. Knowing why things will increase your focus and motivation.

Man training breastplate at cross over

Not only do exercises build muscles, they need rest. During bodybuilding exercises, especially those focused on hypertrophy, some micro injuries are caused to the muscles and it is during rest that happens the recovery and creation of new muscle fibers, which are responsible for the desired growth.

This is why teachers often indicate interleaved workouts for different muscle groups. So, respect this training sequence. Many men, who want to conquer larger arms, shoulders and breasts and dry their bellies, end up focusing on the upper limbs only, without giving these muscles rest, so that they do not grow. Women tend to focus only on leg training and not respecting rest.

Muscular man eating

One of the main reasons for those who do bodybuilding and cannot see results in the body is the lack of proper nutrition. Experts claim that eating is 90% of the whole process, whether it is weight loss or to gain muscle mass. So you can’t maintain the same eating habits of the sedentary season of your life.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet, remove fat and sugars, but be sure to consume protein and carbohydrates. To maximize results it is important to consult a doctor, nutritionist or nutritionist. Only these professionals will be able to study your biotype and tailor a 100% effective diet according to your goals.

Some people, for example, need supplementation, such as Whey Protein or Creatine, to address the lack of some important muscle building nutrients or even to aid in weight loss. Other people can do it all with food alone. However, the only way to know is by consulting a professional.

Man drinking water

Water is critical to our overall health, but it is also important for muscle recovery and fiber building. Consume at least two liters of water a day and always bring a small bottle of water to the gym. Hydrating the body between exercises is as important as consuming water before and after training.

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