The Top 5 Biceps Peak Exercises !

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The peak of your biceps is the height your biceps reach when you contract them. This is what really makes your arms look huge and one of the safest ways to make jaws drop. But what should you do to have arms with a peak like Everest? This is the challenge that many bodybuilders face: even some athletes with huge arms can’t get them to the peak they want.

To make your biceps peak, you need unique exercises that  specifically  add height. Keep reading to see five of Rob Riches’ top picks – a guy who really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to tall biceps!

Seated Bicep Curls (Seated Biceps Curl)

The first move Rob recommends to train the biceps peaks is the seated bicep curl. In it you sit on a weight bench with your arms hanging straight down, and then perform the thread from that position.

This provides two ideal benefits for developing large biceps peaks. For starters, it perfectly isolates the biceps and prevents the use of momentum or the help of any other muscle group during movement. Second, it increases the range of motion, allowing you to fully extend your arm – resulting in longer biceps contracting at higher peaks.

Single Arm Preacher Curls (Scott Unilateral Thread)

The one-sided Scott thread uses the Scott bench to once again completely isolate the biceps. This keeps your body and upper arm completely still, which forces you to depend entirely on your biceps.

Incline Bench Barbell Curls

The direct thread on the sloping bench involves lying face down on a sloping bench, with your arms loose at your sides. This not only isolates the biceps but also changes the direction of weight, which changes the resistance angle and therefore increases it during the full range of motion.

Concentration Curls

The concentration curl is a classic isolated movement. Here you sit on a weight bench with your legs apart and rest your upper arm on your knee. This allows you to perform the thread without any assistance from other muscles or thrust.

High Cable Pulls

High cable pull is a slightly more unusual move that depends on a cable pulley machine. Here you are in the center of a high-pulley device normally used for pec fly and positioned at shoulder height.

Then you hold the straps with your arms outstretched and supine grip. Then thread inward toward your head. A variation of this movement can be performed where you do the chest-weight weights.

During both movements, you need to make sure that you are keeping your upper arms still and running the thread by moving only your elbows.

Again, this will completely isolate the biceps, while the cables ensure that tension is maintained throughout the full range of motion. Unlike a normal biceps curl, movement becomes  more difficult  as you reach the end of each repetition.

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