The metabolism diet: from 7 to 20 kg less in 13 days?

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The metabolism diet is a slimming program allowing you to lose 7 to 20 kg in just 13 days , but it is dangerous to continue it until 14 days or 21 days. This metabolic booster is effective for at least two years. Its basic principle thus avoids the yo-yo effect even if you resume a normal diet .

However, it should not be done too often despite its effectiveness. It is also recommended to seek the advice of a professional.

The metabolism diet, what is it?

This food program is set up by Dr. Pierre Nys. The basic principle of this American diet is to vary the number of calories consumed Pure Health Research Keto REVIEWS per day to boost a slow metabolism .

Drinking two liters of water speeds up the metabolism for a quick result before every time you weigh yourself on the scale. It burns calories safely even when you are at rest.In this way, your body does not store fat in different parts of the body like the belly, hips, arms and thighs.

As soon as you decide to apply this great program, you must respect the dietary limitation to increase the metabolism .

Otherwise, you must wait six months before starting again to preserve your health.

The advantages and disadvantages of this scheme

Slow metabolism acceleration is the unique advantage of this slimming diet. It is compatible with sports for quick weight loss .

The only question is whether the weight loss during this program really lasts two years. No scientific study has yet demonstrated it. Because of this, this type of diet can be used as a diet to detoxify the body .

It also makes it easier to adopt a healthier and more balanced diet.

Deficiencies in nutrients and essential minerals are another weak point of this drastic menu . This in some cases requires you to stay home until the end of the diet so you can rest enough. It actually causes a drop in energy that leads you to do less sports.

Note that any physical activity boosts metabolism and increases weight loss.

Foods allowed during food program

As with all plans, you have to make concessions and force yourself to the list of permitted foods. It is mainly a high protein and low calorie program . As a result, carbohydrates and lipids are to be avoided during these ten days. You can eat beef, chicken breast and turkey .

As an accompaniment, you have the choice between carrots, tomatoes, green salad for vegetables . You can also opt for non-fat cottage cheese and boiled eggs.

As for the fruits, it is better to eat Pure Health Research Keto seasonal fruits . You should also only use the types of basal ingredients allowed such as salt, pepper, sweeteners , onions, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar . The most important is to compose dishes that do not exceed a certain number of calories a day.

In summary, losing between 7 and 20 kg in less than 13 days is the promise of the miracle metabolism diet thanks to a very strict menu.

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