Make-up removal with oil: to try it is to adopt it?

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Praised for years in Asia, oil removal has made its appearance in France not so long ago. But how to tame it to reveal all its effectiveness? Pure Reviva Derm Is it really suitable for all skin types? Answers.

The best method to remove makeup and impurities? Dissolve them in a fat body. Indeed, the makeup removal oil is ideal for this since it takes off the makeup and makes it disappear once emulsified with clear water.

What are his assets?

First and foremost, cleansing oil is very economical. It takes little product to remove the entire face. It is also ecological since it allows you to get rid of cottons permanently. Make-up removing oil is particularly suitable if you are looking for a product that does not harm the skin. Its oily texture absorbs makeup without having to rub for hours. The icing on the cake, it can quite act as a facial cleanser . So you can take advantage of it in the morning to remove the accumulated impurities during the night.

How to use it ?

The makeup remover with oil is childlike simplicity. Just drop a dose of product in the palm of your hand and apply it in a circular motion on your face. For this to work, it is imperative that your fingers and your face are completely dry. Then emulsify the oil with a veil of water so that the product turns into milky lotion then rinse thoroughly.

Do not hesitate to use a wet washcloth for faster rinsing.

For what type of skin?

Cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types. Dry and sensitive skin will appreciate it especially for its cocooning side. It brings a very nice enveloping effect. Mixed to oily skin, rest assured, if you rinse thoroughly, no reason that it does not fat your skin. Small flat for those who do not tolerate water very well, it is better to opt for another method: micellar water to rinse with thermal water, milk, wipes …

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