Lafay method: the typical program!

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The Lafay method is a method of bodybuilding without equipment, easy to practice at home. It offers a total body workout, endurance gain, while working a harmonious muscle development, depending on whether you are a man, a woman, want to gain muscle mass or lose weight.

A bodybuilding session with the Lafay method

It starts with the warm up: it is an essential step. It prepares the muscles, but also the heart to the activity that will follow. The ideal is to do 5 minutes of exercise bike , accelerating gradually or 3 sets of skipping rope .

No need to be a boxing practitioner to have a jump rope , there are very few in all sporting stores.

Then we start the work by the upper body, ie the chest and arms. Most exercises in this series are pump or traction variants . The idea here is to do at least 5 different exercises with sets of 8 each time.

Then to train the lower body, it will primarily work variations of squats , to gain muscle on the thighs. It is recommended not to neglect the work of the glutes , even if there are less, because these muscles support the whole upper body.

The abs will be different depending on whether you are a man or a woman. The first will work the legs flat, women fold them to accentuate the lower abdomen without disturbing the perineum. They will also favor cladding.

Always start with sets of 8 and increase the number as you go.

Meals during a Lafay program

Above all, it should be known that a program following the Lafay method also includes a particular diet . It is indeed a complete method that also accompanies the sport nutritionally.

Here is an example of a balanced meal according to the manual:

  • 1 meat (80g) or fish (100g)
  • Rice or starchy foods (moderately)
  • A large amount of vegetables (3 different with each meal)
  • A bit of bread
  • A fruit
  • A yogurt 0%

It is also recommended to get used to weighing your food to adapt the quantities according to your objectives, thinning or muscle mass.

Establish your program according to your profile

There can not be a typical program as such, it is up to each practitioner to establish his profile to customize it to the best.

The method starts with this first step. If you feel in a relative shape, it will simply start with a few weeks of rebalancing that consist of stretching and sheathing to recover a body balance conducive to bodybuilding.

Then, depending on whether you want to do frequent or moderate training, the program will be different.

Frequent training: 3 sessions of bodybuilding per week including lower body , chest, arms, abdomen, intimacy, flexibility and diaphragm.

These sessions are to alternate with two to three endurance sessions of 30 minutes each.

Moderate training: two weight training sessions per week, with only one type cardio session or bike running will be enough.

The Lafay method is a method made to be personalized. Feel free to vary the exercises and if you want to integrate small equipment like a kettlebell.

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