How to gain muscle without gaining belly fat?

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Bodybuilders prove it, you can be very muscular and sport a prominent, rather unsightly belly. So how do you gain muscle while keeping your stomach flat ? Man or woman, follow our advice to easily obtain the silhouette of your dreams.

To avoid bulging your stomach, choose the right abs

To tone your abdominal belt, were you thinking of crunching ? Bad idea. Very popular bodybuilding exercises, these Keto Trim 800 bust statements are criticized today: bad for the viscera, crunches only work the abdominal muscles. They thus promote a protruding, unsightly musculature.

The right choice for a flat, firm stomach? Fundamental work, thanks to the hypopressives abs . Perfect for women after childbirth, but not only, these particular abs play on breathing in order to tone the deep muscles. Often learned in the physiotherapist, they are respectful of your whole anatomy: excellent for the perineum and the back, they are really worth the detour.

What complete sports to properly sheathe belly?

Don’t want to do weight training? Some complete sports are also great for keeping or regaining a flat stomach. Among them, do not hesitate to target the sports which intelligently solicit the transverse and the obliques: Pilates and yoga are your best allies!

All the sports that do not require you to abuse your rights are also good options: brisk walking, running, swimming … you are spoiled for choice!

The right frequency for training? On average two to three times a week.

For concrete abs, also focus on food

Even if it is well adapted, physical exercise will not be enough to make your stomach flat if you eat anything, no matter how.

Here are the three golden rules to deflate faster:

– Eat more slowly . The faster Keto Trim 800 Reviews we eat, the more air we swallow; and the less you chew, the more the digestive organs have work, with the key these awful bloating that make the stomach point forward …

– Eat less. There is no secret: to find a well-toned belly, losing abdominal mass is essential!

– Eat less sweet. To promote bodybuilding throughout the body without gaining fat in the belly , instead rely on protein. In addition, they are filling: it is very practical to circumvent the onslaught of cravings …

To build muscle while finding a firm, fat-free belly, we combine deep abs and a healthy diet . It’s up to you !

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