Freeletics: which program for beginners?

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Have you ever heard of Freeletics ? It is a fitness program offered since 2012 by the company of the same name. He comes from Munich, Germany. It is inspired by the “Crossfit”, a physical preparation course designed in the United States for soldiers and firefighters .

A session will mobilize the muscles, act on endurance and speed and facilitate coordination and balance. It’s also a great way to get rid of calories ! Some advice if you are a beginner .

Idea of ​​typical program for beginners

Before starting Freeletics, you will have to choose between the basic pack and training with a specific coach .

If you opt for the basic version, Slimphoria Keto you can download the application on your Android or IOS smartphone, it’s free . If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t panic, you can also register on the online platform.

You will then have access to a series of exercises that you can practice wherever you want: gymnasium, stadium, open air … It’s up to you to choose the route that best fits your profile.

An example of a one week session for Freeletics beginners:

  • Monday: Hera workout

5 steps to follow as quickly as possible without taking a break. Alternate 40 jumps (jump while raising your knees until they are parallel to the ground) and 400 meters of race with a recovery phase of 60 seconds between each

Tuesday: Appollon workout

Chain 3 sessions of 25 burpees (pumps) , 400 meters of race, 50 deep squat (in squatting position, go down as low as possible while joining your hands in front of you then go up) and again 400 meters of race

  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Dione workout

Perform 3 sequences of 75 jumping jacks (join your hands behind your head while squeezing your legs), 25 burpees (see Apollo), 50 leg lever ( lying down, arms alongside your body, legs straight, raise your legs 90 ° without move your arms ), 75 jumping jacks, 25 burpees

  • Friday: Hera (see above)
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

This data may vary depending on your profile. After a period of 14 days of training, you will have the choice of continuing the basic formula or subscribing to the “Freeletics transformation” with the advice of a coach and tailor-made support.

Lose Weight With Freeletics

Whether you are a man or a woman, Freeletics focuses its training on different components: Cardio, Strength or Cardio and Strength combined .

Cardio is for athletes who want to lose weight and work on their endurance without developing too much muscle mass.

Conversely, Force has, as its name suggests, the main objective of gaining strength and muscles. Finally, the mixture of SlimPhoria Keto Reviews Cardio and Strength allows you to improve your endurance while developing your muscles.

Weight loss is obviously the main goal of these sessions and is aimed in particular at overweight people (and more particularly men).

A good way to turn fat into muscle! From the day of your registration, you will have 5 months to complete the entire sports curriculum . If you stick to it, you will see noticeable effects on your figure over time.

The other advantages of Freeletics

Freeletics provides participants with a nutritional guide. Indeed, it is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet at the same time so that your slimming goal is fully achieved. No need to take food supplements , opt instead for fresh food and varied and balanced meals.

Staying hydrated will also help you avoid body aches . The nutrition guide is designed to help you stay on track and offers easy-to-prepare recipes every week.

Your first session will surely seem endless but don’t give up! The Freeletics program is particularly suitable for beginners and will help you say goodbye to excess pounds and strengthen your mind.

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