Freeletics: 5 exercises type of the method

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Planks, Bicycle Crunches, Burpees, Pull Ups, Squats … these are not the funny names of cartoon characters but the exercises offered by the Freeletics sports coaching method. Freeletics is a fashionable training program that comes straight from Germany and is inspired by the American Crossfit.

Strength, cardio or strength and combined cardio, the method takes into account your physical ability and intended goals. Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS In solo or with a coach, it adapts to all and accompanies you in your approach of weight loss . Here are 5 typical exercises of the method.

Divinity Workouts

These training sessions may vary depending on the purpose and level of each individual. The idea is to get a better time and excel each time.

Take the example of the workoutHermes . Prepare to be strong mentally and physically because the more level you climb, the harder the exercise.

The Endurance module

– 2 × 20 meters stroke – 10 knee flexions – 30 seconds of rest – 2 × 20 meters of strokes – 10 knee flexions – 30 seconds of rest – 2 × 20 meters of stroke -60 seconds of rest

Technical sessions

The technical sessions allow you to work a specific technique. The important thing is to focus on the quality of the movements. The burpees are practiced during the technical sessions:

– Start standing with your feet slightly apart – Crouch down and kneel. Before your knees bend, place your hands on the floor and hold a push-up position – Make a single push and return to a standing position


There are three types of intervals: Conditioning, Strength, and Stamina . Each exercise must be performed without a stopwatch. Here again, the focus is on the quality of the movement and not on its speed. An interval is flexible and defined by the coach according to your profile.


Runs are short sprints or medium to long strokes to be run over a given distance . Perfect for cardio work and endurance.

The Seth Running Workout is the first module proposed. It consists of 6 races for a total of 800 meters with 12 minutes of rest. Moisturize regularly!

In detail :

– Race: 100 meters – Rest: 2 minutes – Race: 100 meters – Rest: 2 minutes – Race: 100 meters – Rest: 2 minutes – Race: 100 meters – Rest: 2 minutes – Race: 200 meters – Rest: 4 minutes – Race: 200 meters

Total distance: 800 meters / Rest: 12 minutes / Points: 200


At the end of the exercise, recovery is as useful as warming up. It is a series of static stretches to speed up the recovery and regeneration process of your body .

The posture of ” Butterfly hold ” is to bend your legs and tilt them out while grabbing your ankles with your hands. You will quickly feel the stretch in your legs and inside the thighs.

The Freeletics program is a good Balanced Max Keto way to lose weight fast . It may be that the first sessions seem difficult but stay the course and you will see the results after a few months.

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