Do Ricola sweets make you fat?

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When you’re on a diet, a little sweetness can not hurt. It is true with all these deprivations one tends to want to transgress the rules if only for a small piece of sugar.

Ricola candies are one of those cute sins that we love , the question is whether they are suitable during a slimming program .

Calories that work during a diet

Ricola sweets are herbal . A recipe Pegasus Diet Keto REVIEWS well kept for several decades that gives pleasure to those who want sweets without glucose. This allows you to eat without fear of increasing the calories stored by the body.

In general, a Ricola candy contains 6 kcal which is a very respectable score . This type of candy is ideal for vegan, gluten-free and also to some extent diabetic . The opinions on these small sweets are ecstatic especially for those who want to lose weight without stopping sweets.

Choosing your Ricola candy to slim down

Ricola candies are candies with multiple flavors : mint , eucalyptus , lemon balm, lemon verbena, and many more. These perfumes are all as appetizing as each other, you choose the right candy for your line by paying attention to the composition.

Those who follow particular programs like the Dukan diet should pay attention to the elements that make up sweets such as sorbitol that are among the forbidden foods.

Watch out for your Ricola consumption

While these sweets are good and suitable even during a diet, it is still important not to exaggerate in the consumption of these sweets . Indeed at high dose, Ricola sweets can have effects on digestion and thus have a laxative effect.

Even if it seems tempting, it can lead to lack and health problems. Pregnant women must also reduce or stop consuming Ricola sweets because the plants used can have adverse effects on pregnancy. 4 or 5 Ricola sweets a day should be enough to calm your cravings for candy without affecting your efforts to lose weight.

If sweets are prohibited during a diet it is because they bring a lot of calories and glucose to the body . Sugar-free candies can be perfectly consumed without worrying about health effects since they are not harmful to the body.

Ricola sweets are herbal so Pegasus Diet Keto everything is more natural and positive for health cons, you should not consume too much not to feel side effects.

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