Can we drink Coca Cola during the effort?

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Drink Coca-Cola during the effort, is it really advisable ? The question is recurrent in nutrition. If the famous soft drink has definitely become part of the mores , it is also among the great classics of refueling racing or bodybuilding. But opinions remain divided as to its consumption during the sport.

To eat Coca-Cola in the race, is this indicated?

Why are we so tempted by Coke during physical exercises? The need for sugar and the refreshing side of this drink that can lower the body’s internal temperature are important.

Not to mention the piquant taste that is very specific to him. Coca is also able to relieve the body thanks to its carbon dioxide composition. The latter then stimulates belching. With the phosphoric acid it contains, any athlete avoids vomiting in case of trail.

Certainly, the Coke has benefits, but by drinking at each feeding, realize that you absorb a drink that is not the base made for the athlete. Indeed, as a soda, it turns out to be both acidifying, hyperglycemic and hypertonic.

Its acidity has tremendous effects on the human skeleton and tooth enamel. Totally free of protein, this drink contains no antioxidant and remains very low in sodium. Coca is then far from the classic rules of hydration.

So by drinking coca, one inevitably moves away from the usual recommendations regarding energy drinks of the effort . Indeed, there are 120 grams of carbohydrates per liter, the equivalent of 24 pieces of white sugar in 1L of Coca (count 1 kilocalorie for a can of 330 ml of Coca-Cola Zero).

Highly concentrated therefore, this drink has a higher molecular concentration than the plasma medium.

The effects of Coca-Cola on blood glucose and precautions for sports

With a fluctuating effect on blood glucose, taking a can of coca during the effort will vary the blood glucose. The likely risk is then reaction hypoglycemia.

Know that a rise in blood sugar is necessarily followed by a strong demand for water. Drink Coca remains strongly discouraged . Because of its acidity, avoid drinking during endurance.

On the muscular level, it is easy to recover between each race or trail. It is therefore necessary to leave enough time for the digestive system to recover from the variations experienced during the exercises: dehydration, nausea ….

Attacking it with Coke can cause additional troubles. Even if it is energetic, Coke is a poorly adapted drink to relieve any digestive mucosa having undergone intrinsic dehydration. Do not hesitate to take all the necessary precautions of hydration upstream to avoid digestive disorders.

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