Biceps – Short, intense and efficient training !

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Having the big biceps is the greed of most bodybuilders, especially beginners. In this article, we will give you a short, intense and efficient biceps workout to achieve your goal.

Having many train this little muscle 3 times a week (some train every day) and up to 5 exercises per workout, but quantity is not quality. A 1990s bodybuilder known in a forum as GH15 revealed training arms at most 2 times a week and only 3 exercises and 2 sets for each exercise and we are talking about a professional athlete with all his arsenal of drugs, hypercaloric diets and extremely muscular recovery. fast. And are you still going to kill yourself with so many exercises to get almost no results?

3 Reasons Why Your Biceps No Longer Developing!

1.- Wrong execution of the movement : It’s no use, I repeat, it’s no use putting an absurd load on an exercise and doing 3.5 half-mouth reps to pay hard at the gym! You are there to develop, not to train your ego! Perform the exercise well regardless of weight. Strong guys who get 15kg on the well-executed right-hand thread to failure have more respect than skinny guys who take 50kg and develop nothing.

Man arching his back on the straight thread

2.- Don’t get to muscle failure : This topic deserves a separate post, but let’s give an introduction. Many people who train with a lot of weight and perform incorrectly get muscle failure, but if the weight goes down you can do 15 more repetitions which should not happen, because if you get the real failure should be possible to perform 2-3 more repetitions with one. smaller load.

3- Incorrect food : Many marombas (especially summer ones) focus too much on supplementation and end up forgetting the diet. They buy 2kg of meat to last for the whole month and spend the day taking whey and miracle supplements, not to mention that they think there is no training if there is no pre-training. I’ve even seen posts like “NO WHEY NO GAIN”. Before you buy supplements just because you think you are going to work miracles and you will gain 15 kg in a month, invest in the diet, Buy as much meat as your salary can buy and you will see that you will have much more gains. Supplement is just practicality and not necessity and should always come as a last resort, the focus is always on diet.

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