Avoid these mistakes and start losing fat quickly

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Eliminating those extra kilos is as simple as earning them, we will tell you the keys so you can eliminate the fat you hate so quickly.

We know that fat loss is a completely difficult process that requires a lot of effort and discipline. Although at first it seems that eliminating those extra kilos is as simple as gaining them, the truth is that when a person submits to a healthier lifestyle and begins to lose weight, not only manages to eliminate accumulated fat, but also liquids and in most cases, muscle mass, giving the sensation of having lost a large amount of that annoying and nothing aesthetic adipose tissue, when the reality is completely different.

Believe it or not, the reason why it costs us too much to lose those extra kilos is because the body has not been designed for that purpose. It may seem strange, but this premise is based on the way that Super Keto Burn Reviews human beings developed in past times. And it is that since its appearance, until even a couple of centuries ago, humanity carried out extremely demanding tasks of energy and the production and obtaining of food was not as effective as it is now. This means that in order to cope with the food shortage in certain seasons, the body had to store a certain amount of fat previously as a source of energy for those difficult times.

And that is only part of this whole complex process. Thanks to the scientific advances that have been achieved in recent years, the importance of this macronutrient was found in various vital functions of the body such as the creation of cells or the production of hormones such as leptin and which we will explain Its importance later.

Now, returning to the main point of the article, we told you about how difficult it can be for you and a large part of the world population, to start getting rid of the nefarious rolls on the hips or other areas of the body. But that should not be a matter of concern, because as we also anticipated, this is a process that requires a lot of effort, discipline and patience to complete.

And not only that, in this case, information can be your best ally, because one of the main obstacles that everyone faces when it comes to improving the state of health and appearance of the body, is that the world of Fitness is full of myths and false information that are harmful to people who have set similar goals and do not know much about the subject and do not have someone to receive the appropriate advice.

For that reason, at MiPielSana we want to talk to you about some fat-burning tips that many high-performance athletes and elite bodybuilders use and that almost no one, not even in health magazines, tells you.

Error # 1: Impossible goals

Without doubt the most common blunder among people who want to improve their physical complexion and know very little about how the organism works. Not to make the story long, this small concept of “impossible goals” refers to the fact that people who belong to this group seek to lose large amounts of weight in a short time.

It is more than obvious that repairing all the damage caused to the body over the years cannot be repaired in a matter of a couple of months or much less weeks. Not surprisingly, patience becomes very important when it comes to designing a much healthier lifestyle.

However, although it may be that the fault lies with the people themselves who propose unrealistic goals, the truth is that another portion of that fault also falls on the industry. Surely on more than one occasion you have heard about miracle diets and how they promise to help you lose up to 10 kilos in a month. Completely false! … and then we explain why.

It may sound repetitive, but it is worth remembering the body’s ability to lose fat, which is not always favorable, not only for the reason explained above, but also because it is unhealthy. Think about it, to lose fat you should consume less energy than you spend. Less energy means less food and less food means less nutrients. So if you eat little, very soon you will start to feel the ravages. Later we will explain this in more detail.

On average, the medical community establishes an amount of between 500 and 1000 grams of weight that must be lost every week so as not to threaten the health of the body. Of course, if we go to the highest end (1000 grams), then we must be much more rigorous and practice physical activity at high levels every day, although of course, you have to be very careful when choosing exercises and foods to ingest not to fall into muscle catabolism.

Error # 2: Resort to miracle diets

It is true that these diets can achieve remarkable changes in a short period of time, however, they are more harmful than beneficial for the organism.

In the first place, when a person undergoes these types of diets, he must assume that in the time frame set to carry them out, he will suffer a lot, especially because of the reduced calories that are part of the plan and that in cases extremes are subtracted up to 1200 calories per day, approximately. This not only supposes an important and well-built bridge to constant hunger, but also, due to the low amount of food that should be ingested, nutrients are also made less, and therefore, not eating well, they begin to appear Other problems such as weakness, fatigue, headaches and even increases the risk factor for contracting any disease, since the immune system does not work properly.

Secondly, not only micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are eliminated from the diet, but also macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins). You may agree to follow a diet low in fat and carbohydrates, but this can certainly be counterproductive in the long run, as, as mentioned above, the consumption of fat is essential to perform vital functions in the body. On the other hand, carbohydrates provide us with a good source of energy and finally, proteins are essential to maintain a strong muscular system and in an optimal state of health.

Although this point is directly linked to the previous one, it is important to highlight it since it refers to information worth knowing. Do you know the difference between “losing weight” and “losing fat”? In previous articles we have written about it, and if you have not read about them yet, it is time to do so. The concept of losing weight can be scary, because while it will help you look thinner, it is not the healthiest option. This is because weight loss can also involve the loss of accumulated fluids (although this is a benefit that comes from luxury), but also to muscle degradation and loss of bone density due to lack of nutrients. So you know, when it comes to losing weight, do not get excited about losing weight, it does not necessarily mean that it is fat. And if after several weeks of good food and exercise you stay or the scale numbers are similar to when you started, do not lose heart. You may be gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. The kilos are not everything, but rather, what these kilos are made of.

You should also keep in mind that these types of diets are not sustainable in the long term due to their very nature. You may start with a lot of enthusiasm in the first few days, but it is likely that later you will notice the first aches and begin to experience frustration. Eventually you will end up throwing in the towel and return to the usual habits. Maybe by then you will gain weight than you initially had.

Error # 3: Eliminate, not moderate

Remember that everything in excess is bad and that everything is better in moderation. Following this idea, then you must understand that to burn fat you should not stop consuming it, but rather moderate it. We will talk about this in detail below.


Fat consumption is very demonized. The important thing in this case is to learn to consume them. To do this you must know that there are two types of fat: good and bad.

Good fats (or monounsaturated fats) are what every doctor recommends and can be found in products such as olive oil, nuts, almonds, fish such as salmon and tuna, etc.

Bad fats (or saturated fats) are found in animal fat, common cooking oils and in processed foods that have high percentages of the famous trans fats and should be avoided at all costs.

Although in energy terms both contribute the same number of calories (9 cal / gr), the body reacts differently to each one. Keep in mind again that it is not about eliminating them, but moderating their consumption.

This is for example because fats have a great influence on the creation of a hormone called leptin. This is the one that regulates or controls to what extent you should stop eating. If you stop eating high-fat foods then you could not generate leptin, not having leptin you simply will not feel satiety so you will eat at unthinkable levels that will only lead to fat accumulation.

You can also consume saturated fats as they are also necessary for the creation of vital cells, although the amount must be intimate. What you should avoid at all costs is the intake of trans fats.


Carbohydrates are also essential for the body as they are responsible for providing immediate or prolonged energy to the body to perform day-to-day activities.

In this case, these are divided into simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

The simple ones are those found in processed foods such as breads of refined flour, pastries, fried foods, bottled soft drinks and all those that have added sugars. What these carbohydrates do is provide energy immediately. Once consumed they are transformed into glucose, forcing the pancreas to work much more to generate the necessary insulin. When insulin levels increase, the body becomes resistant to fat burning, and if that were not enough, if those energies are not used, they become fat immediately.

On the other hand, we can obtain complex carbohydrates through foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, etc. These provide prolonged energy, so glucose levels are not affected and the pancreas is not forced to generate large amounts of insulin.

Clearly, in this case, the consumption of complex carbohydrates is much more recommended, although if you are Super Keto Burn looking to eliminate fat, you should also moderate its consumption even more to start using fat as the main source of energy.


Proteins are essential to keep the muscular system in proper condition. The muscle, being a metabolically active tissue, requires large amounts of energy to stabilize. This means that the more muscle you have, the greater your energy wasting, even when you are in a state of rest, therefore, you will be using more energy than an ordinary person.

Error # 4: Lack of rest

During rest, that is, at nighttime sleep, the body acts like a sponge that is responsible for absorbing all the nutrients ingested throughout the day. These nutrients, as expected, have certain functions to improve health.

The way in which sleep influences fat loss is that by not having adequate rest, ghrelin hormone levels are increasing. Basically this is known as the appetite hormone and as its name implies it is the one that is responsible for increasing the desire to eat. At the same time, cortisol levels also rise, which is related to increased stress. Being stressed, ghrelin levels also increase, making this a vicious circle that can only be sleeping at least seven to eight hours a day.

Believe it or not, lack of rest also reduces leptin levels, so be very careful with this.

Finally, during sleep the GH or growth hormone is released and that has been found, has a wide relationship with the increase in the metabolic rate and therefore, with caloric consumption.

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