A Shortcut to Back and Biceps Size by Jim Stopanni !

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Want to get bigger biceps and wider latissimo wingspan in less time? Then simply follow this Jim Stoppani workout that uses 12-15 reps reps with relatively light weights.

When it comes to developing massive muscles, it is a big mistake to think that it is all about heavy weights. Heavy weights certainly have their place, but they also have their disadvantages. For example, they may be perfect for developing strength, but when it comes to size it is often better to focus on doing large amounts of repetitions, which helps to occlude the muscle and actually create those micro breaks. It’s all about volume and in fact you’ll find that shifting to lighter weight and doing more repetitions with better shape is often the smartest thing you can do to trigger development. Do not believe? So just try it for a month and see what happens – there’s a good chance you’ll almost inexplicably develop.

So this is the theory… what about movements? Take a look…

Dumbbell Bent-Over Row (Dumbbell Curved Row)

The curved dumbbell row is a great latissimo, shoulder and biceps movement. Jim recommends running it not on a flat bench, but standing with your hand on the weight rack or bench. This allows the force to be absorbed by more joints, preventing stress on the lower spine.

Wide Grip Pull Down (Open Grip Pull)

Go to the open-grip pull and make sure you pull your arms all the way in and really tighten the latissimo while performing your repetitions. Jim suggests using breaks for that last grade.

Standing Pull Downs

The standing pull is a regular pull except that you are standing while leaning slightly backwards. This allows you to pull the bar at an angle rather than directly vertically or horizontally. This in turn makes you work at an angle that normally goes unnoticed.

Straight Arm Pull Down (Pulling Arms Out)

Keeping your arms straight, pull the bar straight down, pivoting your shoulders and making sure not to bend your elbows.

What makes the extended arm pull so good? Well, unlike normal pulldown or pullups, this is a ‘single joint’ movement, which means it’s much better to insulate the latissimo perfectly.

Barbell Curls (Straight Bar Thread)

The biceps should already be warm at this stage. Now head to the barbell curl with a closed and then open grip. Finish with a break. At this stage your arms should already be  really burning.

Incline Dumbbell Curls (Dumbbell Inclined Thread)

This focuses the movement on the long outer head of the biceps, which makes it perfect for following the straight barbell. Like the straight barbell thread, the slanted dumbbell thread makes it difficult to cheat.

High Cable Curl

Using the cable with your arms facing outward, bend the strap to your shoulder. This is a great way to maintain resistance well in the biceps throughout the movement and to work the shorter portion of the muscle.

And as usual, Jim ends with some abdominal exercises. Specifically it uses hip lift and then explosive crunches.

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