5 tips to lose 100 calories at work

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You are tired of your extra pounds but you find it difficult to find the motivation to play sports. Going for a one-hour jog or swimming session is not really your thing .

Good news: just motivate yourself a little bit in everyday life to eliminate calories. There are a lot of little tricks to lose weight easily .

Here are 5 tips for losing 100 calories at work.

Walk as much as possible

If you walk briskly or take the stairs often , you will burn more calories than walking slowly or taking the elevator all the time. Why not go for a walk in the park after eating? Your colleagues are Keto Sculpt looking to lose weight? Propose common outings or set up a walking club!

Hide a dumbbell under the desk

Enjoy being on the phone to tone your arms with a dumbbell . Flexing the biceps helps build muscle tissue and quickly melt calories.

Do some stretching

When you arrive at the office every morning, give yourself 5 minutes to do some stretching. Perfect for maintaining your fitness smoothly. Did you know that 5 minutes of stretching amounts to burning the equivalent of 40 calories?

Think, read, work on a folder

Who would have thought that you could lose weight without doing anything ? But be careful, not doing sports does not mean doing nothing at all! It was found that simply concentrating on a file for several hours lost calories. It should be known that when the brain is boiling, the calories fly away .

There are about 455 calories for a day’s work. You will not see your folders the same way!

Perform exercises in the office

You can find many exercises to practice quietly sitting at your desk . For example, try to put your hands on each side of your chair. Keep your shoulders and back straight. Inhale deeply and lift your legs until they are parallel to the floor. Keep the position for 5 to 10 seconds without moving, holding your breath .

Then relax by exhaling all the air from the lungs. Rest for a few minutes while drinking water and then resume the exercise a dozen times. It’s a great way to build up your legs and have some concrete abs!

100 calories is also washing the Keto Sculpt REVIEWS car for 20 minutes, passing the mower for 16 minutes, playing golf for 22 minutes , laughing for 38 minutes … enough to find many sources of inspiration to lose calories every day!

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