5 tips to fight aches

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Resulting in painful muscles, aches and pains are the expression of mild trauma that usually occur when you return to sport or after more physical exertion than usual.

They affect both a beginner athlete and a hardened athlete. How to fight them? Here are 5 tips to relieve or prevent aches .

  1. Gradually return to sport

When aches and pains are related to muscular pain following the resumption of a sports activity , the first advice of coaches and / or sports doctor is to ensure that this recovery is done smoothly. A tip is to practice at first a light activity such as walking or cycling.

To avoid aches , it must also respect a certain regularity in his training. Accustomed to the effort, the muscle cells of the contractile organ will be less likely to suffer from microlesions.

  1. Good hydration to prevent aches

To prepare the body for the effort and for a good recovery, drinking water in sufficient quantity is essential. Getting hydrated before any fitness session or any physical activity actually stimulates the body’s cells.

If the still water helps you eliminate toxins , the mineral-rich aerated water will give your body a boost to evacuate the waste accumulated during the training.

  1. Hot and cold, effective against body aches

Putting ice against the painful area is a common remedy for soothing aches and pains. This solution is however effective only if the cold is applied as soon as the muscular pains appear.

Acting as an anti-inflammatory, the ice will be applied to the skin, wrapped in a cloth or a cloth. Otherwise, taking a good hot bath is an effective treatment to relax and relieve the muscles .

You can add in your bath a few drops of essential oils of laurel or of Gaulthérie Odorante.

  1. The importance of warm ups to fight aches

A fundamental step in any sport’s practice, warm-ups play a vital role in preventing aches and pains. Preparing all the muscles of the body to exercise, they have the effect of softening them and thus remove the risk of involuntary contracture.

Heating increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and makes tendons more supple. Perform it smoothly, gradually. Finally, always close your sports sessions with stretching or relaxation.

  1. Soothe sore muscles with massage

Relaxing and soothing, massages also help reduce pain . You can use essential oils or analgesic ointment to gently massage the aching parts.

Warming muscles, massages will also stimulate blood circulation . Light, they are however to avoid in case of injury, tearing or breakdown.

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