5 Things You Shouldn’t Do at the Gym !

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You have been training for a while or are new to a gym, know that your attitudes inside will serve as a role model or something others should not do. In this article, we’ll show you 5 things you shouldn’t do at the gym.

1 – Never lift more weight than you can handle, so you can perform the exercise perfectly and have better muscle development.

2 – Leave your ego out of the gym, if you are putting too much weight to impress someone and end up using the body balance to perform and may even hurt your back, this indicates that your ego is bigger than your desire to grow and have a shape of Bodybuilder. So let it put a lot of weight on when you really can lift that amount without losing the proper execution of the exercise.

3 – Asking for help in performing the last 4 reps in a set of 6. It’s okay to ask for help but in the last few repetitions of a heavy training and preferably in a shift to a larger load and not a load you have been using for two weeks

4 – Never changing training is one of the most common mistakes in gyms, your body will get used to the exercises and will not have the same gains as in the beginning. Changing training each month is important to check which exercises give you the most results. Changing training every week will also give you mediocre gains as no training gives you such quick gains.

5 – Never expect more than your body can give, hypertrophy is something that takes time and determination. So don’t think you’re going to create a bodybuilder shape overnight. Focus on your workout and be patient. If you are working hard and striving for something sooner or later it will come.

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