10 Tips To Improve Your Bulking !

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A lot of people expect to spend the summer or even the carnival to start the work of gaining weight again or simply want to gain a few extra pounds and have a lot of difficulty? In this article, we will give you 10 tips for improving your bulking.

Eat clean protein at every meal.

Good (lean) proteins include chicken, lean red meat, turkey, eggs, fish, egg whites and protein shakes. Remember: Protein is fundamental to life, but too much protein can cause irreversible damage.

Eat carbs as naturally as possible.

Sweet potato

Your bulking is also related to your daily carbohydrate consumption and they are necessarily linked to your quality. Prefer complex carbohydrates rich in vitamins such as potatoes, tubers, oats, rice and pasta.

3 – Eat vegetables EVERY DAY. Do not forget some portions of fruit.

They have a lot of vitamins, minerals and help keep your health up to date.

4 – Eat fat at every meal (except post workout).

Dietary fat is very important as it provides basic functionalities to the body such as hormone production. Many people have an unbalanced diet and are harmed by it. Include in your diet peanuts, nuts, almonds and extra virgin olive oil. And don’t forget that the body also needs a smaller portion of saturated fat.

5 – Do not eat until you feel you will vomit.

When trying to gain weight, some hardgainers eat to the point of vomiting. This is totally unnecessary. Start eating more often a day instead of eating large meals.

6 – Cook on a grill and nonstick cookware.

Having these options at home makes life easier and provides healthier cooking.

7 – Your division can be: 50% CHO, 30% PTN and 20% LIP.

Always divide around 1 -2g of protein per kg for your hypertrophy goal. The rest, split between carbs and fats.

8 – With carbohydrates around all your training.

Just like powerlifters, increase glucose during your workout by eating a good meal before him and obviously after him.

9 – If you are not gaining weight, eat more calories.

The caloric balance is what speaks louder in a diet and bulking. Eating only what you consume or even less will bring no gain. Always eat more than your expenses. That’s where the gains will come from.

10 – Never skip meals, they will not kill you.

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