10 reasons not to eat organic!

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Today, eating organic or natural is fashionable. Experts agree that a diet free of pesticides and GMOs makes a difference in health , but also for the planet. Nevertheless, some consider this trend useless . Here are ten reasons not to eat organic.

Eating more natural does not have so many benefits as it seems. It’s not necessarily healthier . This is apparent from a Pinnakkle keto study published in 2011 that found “no solid evidence” that organic foods are of better quality .

Finally, natural pesticides are as toxic as others, resulting in diseases such as cancers.

The impact of organic on agriculture

Not only is organic food more expensive , but it is not proven to be safe . Because how to control what will actually eat an animal? Many micro-organisms, bad for health and transported by air can contaminate their food.

The world’s population will reach 9 billion by 2050. Organic farming requires more land, with less production than conventional agriculture. It will therefore be a question of how to feed these 9 billion inhabitants.

Regarding pesticides , it appears that foods labeled “organic” are not completely deprived! For example, only the oil and seasonings contained in some canned fish would be guaranteed organic.

Eating organic, interests and ethics

As bio explodes in Europe, it is African children or small, unpaid hands around the world who work in the crops. As producers, whether local or not, most can not live on their activity. An organic farm is more expensive and often the farmer receives only half the price sold in the supermarket.

In addition, organic food remains expensive and inaccessible if you have a small budget …

… which creates social inequalities and a feeling of exclusion.

The follower of organic requires a meat that it is without drugs. Should a suffering animal be denied medicines on the Pinnakkle Keto REVIEWS pretext of delivering “pure” meat to the consumer?

So, eat organic, is it good or not ? Does this make a real difference in our diet or is it a fad ? Everyone has an opinion by confronting different points of view …

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